This bizarre world is so full of the weird facts. Time and again you are hearing the things that sound false initially, but they’re not. That’s why they are termed as weird facts!
Our Point Of View has dug out 10 such weird facts that are not just odd but interesting as well.

Surely one among the Weird facts – If you’ll bang your head against a wall, you can burn 150 calories an hour.

Not sure whether to say ‘Wow’ or ‘Ouch!’. Anyways, this is not something to try – FOR SURE.

bang your head

Probability of occurrence of heart attacks is more on Mondays.

Exactly… Because office torture starts on every Monday!

heart attacks is more on monday

Hitler’s mother considered abortion due to some health issues, but her doctor suggested her to keep the baby.

Bloody! Where is that doctor?

Hmm… A bit late! Okay. Where is that doctor’s soul, and his family too?

hitlers mother

Arab women have the right to initiate a divorce if their lovely husbands don’t pour coffee for them.

Amazing… Ladies! Pack your bags and let us all shift to Arab!

arab womenBy the way, this might be a strategy to build a stronger relationship too


Pirates wore earrings because as per them, this will help them to improve their eyesight.

And we wear socks to increase our brain power! LOL

pirates wore earrings

The female lion does 90% of the hunting.

Of course, all females are born to hunt!!!

female lion does 90 percent of the hunting

What we call “French kiss” in the English speaking world is actually called an “English kiss” in France!

What matter the most is ‘Kiss’ – a passionate kiss. We believe in eating the mangoes, and not counting the trees!

french kiss

 Starfishes are not having brains.

Not having brain is far better than having-but-not-using it!

starfishes are not having brains

An octopus has 3 hearts.

Humans have one – that’s also not working now-a-days!

octopus has 3 hearts

Frowning takes 42 facial muscles, but Smiling takes only 17.

So be efficient and use less number of muscles always! 🙂

our point of view