Rules are made by others, but resolutions by oneself. Hope you’re also ready with your 2018 Resolutions list. Yes or no, still check out the below mentioned 11 ideas. Our Point Of View suggests to opt for all these 11 this year. We can bet that following these will surely make your life happening and worthwhile.

1) Loving others is a good deed, but loving yourself should be one of your 2018 Resolutions

not a cry babyYou must have a lovely heart that worships the Lord of Love, but loving yourself should be on your resolution list this year. In this mushrooming world of competition, we all are running and thereby somewhat ruining ourselves too. Take out time to light a lamp of tenderness for your own!

2) No family, friends or bae – Solo trip should be your way!

like-a-ripe-fruitYes again, it’s a Self-game! You must have tasted the joy of hanging out with your dear ones, but the experience that a solo trip can give is beyond imagination! You’ll not just explore the place but will get to know the unseen strengths of yours as well! Give it a shot!

3) Take that one risk that has always given you sleepless nights!

take riskWe are sure that like us, you all must be having one thing in your mind that scares you a lot. But somehow you always aspire to do it. It can be anything like skydiving, changing your profession, or anything. Our Point Of View urges you to take at least one risk this year.

Dare to do it!

4) Bind yourself with at least one social cause this whole year.

social causeYes… We bet that spreading smile on needy faces will automatically bring a jolly curve on your face too. This social cause can be anything – blood donation, charity, serving food in old-age homes or adoption. There are several such opportunities. Choose any or many!!!

5) Stop procrastinating, and do the things now!

do it nowHumans have become lazy bums today. This is the reason that they prefer to push the work for the future. This is no less than a virus. So, make it one of your 2018 Resolutions to inject the dose of energy in your daily routine.

6) Have a sip of freshly brewed life this year

do it nowEach year we make some plans, but not all plans meet their destinations. So, take out time of max 1 month and wrap all of them. Or just simply wipe out all and kick start this 2018 with a fresh mind.

7) Understand the difference between being socially active and just being active on social media!

socially activeWe all have become so addicted to this social media mania that we have actually started forgetting the essence of being socially active and interacting live with people! Do it this year.

8) Instead of becoming Jack of all trades, become Master of at least one!

our point of viewWe all have one or more hobbies. Why not become perfectionist in at least one?

365 days = 8760 hours. This is not a small figure. Get a hold on time and become an unbeatable champ in any one activity – swimming, learning language other than your mother tongue, skating, dance or anything else of your interest!

9) Visit any country/city and taste the experience of a different culture

experience of different cultureYou can plan this trip either with yourself or with anyone else. Plan a trip as per your budget. We suggest you to visit a place where you will actually experience the adventure of seeing a different culture!

10) Time to cure the deep wounds

close the relationshipEvery year we decide to head for a better tomorrow. But we forget that by keeping the old hankies in your pocket, you can’t be fully ready for a new day! If anything is hurting you from quite a long time (whether job, person, relationship or anything), close that chapter guys!

11) Aim for the stars, and apparently you will reach the moon!

setting the small aimsNo, it’s not about being the astronaut! It’s just about setting the small aims and mark it timely. In order to get more, we usually set big goals that take lots of time. And 90% of those turns out dud at the end. So, take the steps and then reach the terrace!

Agree? Disagree? Want to add more resolution ideas? Please use the below comments section and put forth your point of view.

OPOV team wishes you a very happy and a rewarding 2018!!!