The term “Valentine’s Day” is enough to hit the gongs of many hearts. Though Our Point of View believes that there shouldn’t be this single day only to celebrate LOVE, rather all days should be having a bit or more dosage of it. But as this Stereotype Society has already passed their judgement, so let us also join in this race. Forget about the humdrum ideas, try these 5 LOVE DARES this time.

We have hunted few dares that you can try with or on your partner on this Valentine’s day! Try to take out one whole day for the love of your life and execute all these dares. Let’s have a quick look:

1 Passionate Kiss (a long one)!

passionate kisses on Valentine's DayKiss might sound okay to lovers, but here we have mentioned a ‘passionate one‘! Romance always gears up with the Kiss! Make your Love-Day more impressive by pouring the magic of this black-art! Give this dare to the one who is shy or less expressive among you two! Ask that partner to make sure that the kiss should be steamy enough! Not a peck on the lips, rather a longgg and intense kiss – at least for 3 minutes! Getting butterflies in the stomach?! Superb…

“Food-Flavor-Feel” melody for Valentine’s Day!

// up this mantra. Going to exotic restaurants can prove a flavorless dish to your exclusive day! Give yourself this dare to eat street food. Don’t go for a full meal. Rather have snacks and starters from different corners and try new dishes. People do have this habit of not trying new food on special occasions. But we say, even if the food tastes terrible, you’ll make many new and fun memories – “with your sweetheart”!

Dare to Dance or Singing Signature on the Valentine’s Day paper!

dancing and singing on the valentine's dayWhat? Sounding easy to you? But trust us, doing this in some public place is a hard nut to crack! This 2-3 minute dare is enough to give you adorable memories for quite many days (Caution: most moments here are going to be rib-tickling!). And yes, don’t forget to record the moment!

Daring enough to act like your partner???

best dare for coupleTake this V-Day as the opportunity to act any of the cute or annoying habit of your partner. Or you both can re-enact any of your previous fight. No we’re not aiming to dig anybody’s grave here or to a initiate new fight! Rather with this dare, you might get to know a fun and undiscovered side of your partner. You can check how much your lover is into you and noticing your habits/expressions!

Spread more smiles with a Social Cause

spread smiles with a social causeSpare few minutes in spreading the smiles on the needy faces too. Yes, the same can be done on some other day too, but doing it especially on Valentine’s Day will surely give some extra grace in those dead broke eyes, and some extra Awww-moments to you both! After all, it’s a day of LOVE, so share some Love with the deprived ones too! The blessings that you will get together will make your bond stronger and ever-lasting


Stop dreaming and plan out to start living these dares. If you’re having more such dares, make a good use of the below mentioned comments section and share them with us.

Support Love, not Lust… The person is your Lover, not some Loathly person! So make him/her feel Valuable this Valentine!