Our Point Of View suggests you not to fill your life’s bucket with the below mentioned 8 Biggest Regrets. After all, it is said that ‘The Biggest poison in life is Regret‘.

1. For being a couch and not travelling this beautiful world – amongst the biggest regrets

travel this beautiful worldYou might be living in a beautiful city or a country. But still, your eyes are missing so much more beauty and fun that is there outside. Come out of your shell and absorb as much artistry as you can!

2. Spent most of the time in crying over what you don’t have, but never appreciated the blessings of life

appreciated the blessings of lifeWhiners can achieve only one thing in life, and that is more and more frustration! Don’t cry for what you don’t have, rather appreciate what you are gifted with! As per our research, the Cardinal step towards a colorful life is ‘Being Grateful’.

3. Half of the time that got wasted in between of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘log kya kahenge?’

stop worry about log kya kahengeTaking risks and thinking about yourself without the fear of society are the two major steps towards a successful and happy life. Life is yours, so way of living should also be yours only! Even if you try too hard, you can’t please the entire world. So, just focus on pleasing yourself!

4. Brutally crushing the inner self in the name of ‘comparison and competition

comparison and competitionThis is quite a common problem of parents, or shall we say all humans? If you want to run, then run like an only horse in the field. Want to touch the sky? Then, fly like a free and the solo bird. Don’t let your wings chopped in the name of the race, competition or comparison!

5. For missing the gems (true relations) in the race of collecting the stones

true relationsToday, humans are losing their true well-wishers – and flowing in the exact opposite direction. For short-term bonds and fake relations (which sometimes referred as ‘timepass’), they are putting a lifetime blanket on the true ones! This is one of the biggest regrets one could ever go through later on the death bed…

6. Always worrying about paying bills, but never paid attention to your Passion – that holds your actual happiness

paid attention to your passionEarning money has become the main mantra today. But if that money is coming without playing the chords of your passion, then surely even the billions of dollars can’t bring a soulful smile on your face!

7. For not taking risks that would have led you to a beautiful journey and experiences

take risk‘He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.’ – Muhammad Ali

We all have limited days. Missing the great experiences today and mourning over them on reaching the death bed will surely prove to be one of the biggest regrets of your life! More than the illness, this regret can give you sleepless and painful nights!

8. Not letting the things or bad relationships go on time and screwing the major part of your life in opening your fists and wits

our point of viewBad time, black-hearted people or bitter phase – One has to go through at least one of these in the whole lifetime. The pain from these is temporary, but the lesson is permanent. Keep the lessons with you and move on guys!

Life is really too short. Don’t stop your wheels on encountering some speed breakers!