He couldn’t breathe and passed away! But can you breathe in the same world where he took his last breath – a painfully suffocated breath? Black Lives Matter – It is actually not just a hashtag or the newspaper headline. It’s rather a movement that kick-started in 2013 to spread awareness about the torture this world is doing on the black people (African-American community). And the reason behind this brutality is the ‘skin color’! Even in this era where everyone is moving in a forward direction, most mentalities still have the back gear on!

The recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA on 25th May has put light on this sore wound again. Every now and then, news of racist attacks is hitting the world. But when the life-saver cops get involved in the same business, then the world demands a Change! This is what the USA is doing right now. From consecutive 9 days, more than 75 cities in the USA are trying to establish ‘Black Lives Matter’ with their bold voices. A massive outrage has been triggered and gaining lots of attention all over the world. Americans are marching shoulder to shoulder in order to seek justice for George and for all the similar brutal cases.

Interestingly, but shamefully, this racism lies all over the world. Everyone is obsessed with white skin-tone. And the proof of this statement is that the turnover of fairness products in Asian countries has never seen the face of recession. We all are so fond of outer beauty that it has started killing the inner beauty in this world. The so-called society influencers aka celebrities are the brand ambassadors of such products. It’s like it has been carved in the stone (in the form of Society’s Stereotypes) that one should have good-looks to achieve something big. And the definition of good-looks in this cruel world starts with a fair skin-tone. If not, you have no right to exist! Either they will kill you or ignore you.

OPOV is asking, how many more lives have to shout “I can’t breathe” to bring the much-needed change? Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg, and more such names have proved their mettle enough already! Weren’t they black? Did the world miss seeing their talent due to their black complexion?

“My soul’s lying beneath,

tried but I Can’t Breathe!

Wall of hate should shatter,

all Black Lives Matter!

– The voice of every black life which has been murdered or tortured!