Was that horrendous Nirbhaya’s rape case not enough to prove that a Juvenile’s mentality can be as sick and brutal as of a grown up? Why no step was taken back then? Why our law system is still falling flat in the face when it comes to punishing the criminals under 18 years old? If these questions were answered on time, sexual assault might not be a major issue right now. But sadly, it is! Why incidents like rapes or dirt like Bois Locker Room‘ or ‘Girls Locker Room‘ are needed to awaken our souls? And such wake up alarms’ effects only lasts for a very few days in our society.

So recent news says that there are two separate Instagram groups. One is ‘Bois Locker Room’ and another with the alleged name ‘Girls Locker Room’ being run by a group of school students from Delhi. Chats in both the groups are really shameful. ‘Bois Locker Room‘ group casually slipped in talks about raping some girls. Semi-nude pictures, lewd comments, slut-shaming, sexual objectification, degradation and similar filthy stuff was taking the round in that group. Whilst the ‘Girls Locker Room’ group isn’t too far in this race of vulgarity. They have also objectified men and threw unsavoury remarks about them. See, how both genders are understanding the meaning of Gender Equality! Kudos.

It’s so disgraceful to see that even some students from high class schools can have such criminal mindset. Readers, please pull a wire because the worst part is yet to come! On confronting these students, they, along with some of their so-called well-wishers, said that ‘Talking about sexual assault is different than doing that, and we haven’t done it yet!’. Shocking! Isn’t it?


It’s like a person stays all morally right throughout  his/her life, but he/she gets hit by some heavy asteroid one night. As a result, he/she suddenly gets this idea of raping someone. P.S. – Not just women, men get raped too!


Does the idea of becoming a criminal works in this overnight way? OPOV really don’t think so! It all comes from a mind which has been filled with disgust from so a long time. Instead of teaching your kids to get fit into the brackets of your stereotypical society’s bracket, educate them to have a morally correct conscience! Don’t defend by saying ‘Boys will be Boys’ or ‘Girls are always gentle and innocent’. Any gender can have a poop-infected mind (just another term for ‘shitty mind’!).


Look at a wider spectrum and see how regressive views can take the nation backward. Think about safety of Women and Men both. Track down the chronology and stop them at a very young age. Life is not about scoring good academically and then signing in for a good career. We believe the below three points need high attention:

  • Moral education plays the most important role in shaping up a kid.
  • Sex-Education is what is missing from the syllabus and this leads many young minds to do the unlawful things out of curiosity.
  • And lastly, the law system needs to be improved. Leaving the scumbags on the pretext of Juvenile act can only glorify the rape culture. If a person (irrespective of the gender) knows how to commit such alarming crimes, they aren’t INNOCENT anymore! They are doing it because they know it all, and even clever enough to keep these misdeeds under wraps.

Please feel free to share your views with us on this topic.


A Criminal is a Criminal. Law shouldn’t turn a blind eye towards Juvenile Lawbreakers!