Don’t get married.. No, it’s not like we are completely against marriage. It’s just that our opinion is a bit different than the regular one! Why to rush towards something that is going to suck up your whole lifetime? Though divorces/separations are quite open options today, but when one person walks down the aisle, these bitter options never cross one’s mind! The person takes the vows keeping in mind that he/she has to surrender his/her life to the other person! So, if this thing is really such a big-league, then one shouldn’t race towards roping into this blindly! Our Point Of View suggests you – don’t get married until you meet someone with whom you feel a special connection!

Don’t get married until you meet someone like this:

1) One who can get the hang of not just your Words, but your Silence too!

understand the silence tooIt’s hard to expect someone to understand even your words in today’s selfish world. So, if needed, take some more time, and try to find out a soul who can even sense out the hidden silence of your soul!

2) Don’t witch-hunt Mr./Ms. Perfect

#opov - ourpointofviewYes… Because such terminology is befitted only for movies or daily soaps! Before you search for someone who is unblemished, first look and measure your collar’s aptness! No person is perfect, but when a soul jells well with another soul, they can surely make a perfect bond. This can be done by accepting the flaws other person is having! Find someone who is aware of all your shortcomings and still accepting you with all those – without any condition of changing you!

3) One who likes to be a part of your Madness

part of your madnessDon’t be with someone who can’t stand the child inside you, and choke that kid with time! Rather find someone who forms a net of adorability around your craziness and cheerfully be a part of it.

4) Don’t get married until you find somebody you can flirt with till your last breath

flirt with till your last breathYes, flirting is not just a playful thing. Flirting is an art that keeps the environment light and romantic! So, find somebody you can’t get bored while flirting with! This will keep on spicing up the Love Game!

5) One who backs your Family too

respect your family tooYes, when it’s about commitment, it can be about 2 persons. But when marriage comes into the picture, two big families have to glue together. So, the partner who thinks your family as his/her family, is surely a crowning one! Bring that in!

6) It’s okay to Agree to Disagree

agree to disagreeThough being in a single bond, the couple might have differences on fewer or more topics. But that doesn’t mean that you guys are not meant to be together. Learn to agree to disagree. You both might have different opinions, so start respecting that and keep your calm with it.

7) Love shouldn’t be Materialistic

love should not be materialisticDon’t throw your emotions on each other wrapped in some form of material. True that gifts can make one person happy. But even if a posh gift is given without a feel, there is no interest left in receiving it! Find somebody who showers love and care on you with honesty and pure emotions!

8) The Name is enough to make you Smile

name is enough to make you smileFind somebody you will never get tired of! Even the person’s name is enough to bring a beautiful and relaxing smile on your face!

9) With whom you are becoming a better Version of yours!

better version of yoursIt’s not about erasing your actual identity! Find a person with whom you can grow up within the marriage! The one who can help you towards your interests, passion and career! If you find a person you can see your overall flowering with, don’t let him/her go!


P.S. – It’s take Two to Tango! So, make sure above stated points are being applied from both the person’s ends.

We know, it’s a backbreaker to find a single person having all these traits, but again saying – Happy Marriage itself is no less than a Titanic! So, don’t take decision in hastiness just because “Log Kya Kahenge!” (“What will people say!”). There is no such thing like a ‘suitable age for marriage! Yes dear! Burst this bubble please! After all, what’s the use of marrying at 25 and getting divorced at 28? Or if not divorce, then spending your next 40-50 years forcefully with a wrong partner?

Instead, it’s better to get married even at 40s and stay happy with your soul mate for next 20 years! Like they say – “Don’t add days to your life, rather add life to your days!


Before you started banging us with the questions like “what about kids if I am marrying post 40?”, then our question in return is “What about raising your kid and setting an example of bad marriage in front of him?”. Come on! Millions of tiny hands are still looking for some big hands to have a hold of! Adopt from them! Or you can even hold the hand of medical science! But please don’t wear the marriage tag just because of all these insecurities. Don’t get married until you find your soul mate!

If you have any say about this list, please use the below comments section. We equally welcome others point of views as well…