Father’s Day is coming and it’s time to celebrate the Fatherhood!

A human body can’t stand straight without a backbone. Similarly, a family can not survive the odds without a Father! Yes, there are certain families not having this strong sheath. Or sometimes even if they are there, they are not playing the much needed role appropriately! Those are the unfortunate cases!
But other than these – we bet that you can see much brighter and confident faces in the homes having liable and doting Fathers!

Our Point Of View believes that you all know what significance a Father holds in a Home! It’s easy to be a Man, but passing the exam of Fatherhood is no picnic! On the occasion of Father’s Day, let’s take out few moments and see the 5 major roles played by our Dapper Dads:

Perfect replica of Coconut – hard packing, softer inside

hard outside soft insideA man whose outer shell is as hard as a rock, but the core part is soft like a marshmallow! Only a Father can fit into this uniquely weird picture! Fathers are more aware about the outer world. So by being strict, Dads are actually bracing their children to withstand the real world! Time to time, you can sneak peak into your daddy’s softer heart as well!

Strongest Root of the family

dads are the bestUsually mothers are responsible for turning the lifeless walls into a cheerful Home. But it is the Father who is the real root of the tree called Family. The moment this root starts trembling, the tree falls apart like a house of playing cards! Celebrating Father’s day is like watering this root even more!

The Perfect Institute of Knowledge

dad perfect book of knowledgeWhen the toddlers take their first step and falls down, the mothers run to give a hand to their little ones. But Dads usually don’t that! Rather, they give time and more chances to the kid to stand on their own! No school, no institute, no book can teach you what a Father can! Fathers might not help you with the exam related things. But they are best at giving solutions of real-world problems!

A girl searches his Father’s image in her Life Partner

MyDadMyHeroDaughters are said to be closer ones to the dads. A responsible father will go to any extent to safeguard his little princess. He feels the utmost pain when he has to give his daughter’s hand to a guy. This much love and care from the dad compels a girl to expect these qualities in her life partner as well! Even, most girls don’t get married until….they find someone like their Dads.

Teaches the real-life definition of a ‘MAN’ to his son

bestdadawardFather-daughter bond is quite adorable, but that doesn’t mean a father doesn’t have any hold on his son’s heart! Instead, their bond is pretty cool. A boy finds his first and the best playmate in his Dad only! Whatever a dad does, the son picks that up instantly! Father teaches his son the meaning of being Mature! So, a Dad always bears the pressure of setting a perfect example for his son – how should a Man behave like!


Not all superheroes wear capes – so do our Dads! Most of you have celebrated the success of Silver screen superheroes franchises! But time to time, keep on celebrating the presence of real-life Superheroes.

So, make whoopee, paint the town red and beat the drums on this Father’s Day.

Is there any other significant role of Dads that OPOV  missed here? Please use the below comment section and highlight it!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Awesome Dads out there… OPOV Salutes You!