Strong RelationshipTrue LoveRelationship Goal… Rock-Solid Strong Bond

Familiar with the beauty of these words already? Fantastic! Actually, these are just not words… Rather are the ‘live emotions’!!!

Finding your Prince Charming or Princess Cinderella is not needed. They only fit on silver screen. These feeble characters won’t be able to endure the roughness of real life! It’s time for a reality check…

What do you think about your love life? Is your partner really compatible? Might be or might be not! In Our Point Of View,  you need not force your partner to be flawless. Rather, focus on your relationship – that includes you both!!! And calmly believe in love!

Be a doctor of your love-life. Have a check on your relationship’s nerves whether it’s a healthy relationship! A question might be bumping in your mind right now, and that is How to know that you are in a strong relationship? So here are a few points that will let you put pressure on your brain and heart to figure out about your relationship’s strength meter. (Pressure on heart because it’s a matter of ‘ISHQ wala LOVE’ 😉 )

Relationship goal = “Laughing together moments > clashes’ count!”

Laughing together momentsHaving small or big fights regularly can shake the foundation of your relationship. But such clashes are quite natural. It’s actually one of the ways to know each other’s opinions. Up to this point, it’s fine. But don’t whip up your EGO in between all these. If your count of laughs together is overcoming or at least equaling the number of fights, then Kudos to your bond!!

You are with the right person! The heated arguments might be sour, but these laughing moments can balance out the taste of your relationship!

Strong relationship never shies away from saying SORRY

Strong relationships never shies away from saying SORRYSinging “Please forgive me… I can’t stop loving you” is always better than crooning “If I could turn back time” sometime later! These remarkable songs are truly the great teachers for the couples. And just to mention – saying sorry after a blowup is not always a men’s department! 😉 One who is at the fault or who gets more hyper can apologize.

Therefore, if you and your partner are not hesitating in saying this sunny word after a brawl, your bond is shatterproof! Wallah Wallah!!!

Your PEOPLE are mine too!

Your PEOPLE are mine tooNot only just you belong to your partner, but your family should also! So, when you say anything ill about your family (you know – not deliberately, just in the heat of the moment), your lover should correct you. This thing might sound small, but really works in the long haul! After all, loving everything and everyone your partner is hooked up with should one of your relationship goals. So fellas, are you and your partner following this relationship goal already???

INTIMACY is a gold mine

INTIMACY is a gold mineMaintaining spark and intimacy is another boosting point! If you have managed to maintain the coziness in and outside the bedroom, then you can add 100 points to the robustness of your relationship! No evil eye can put a scratch on your connection! Not always sex, but a bit of intimate talk and lots of cuddling should also be there. If it’s not, then I am afraid buddy because you are living in a patchy proportion! All the above earned points are cancelled!!!

4 PILLARS of a love life

PILLARS of a love lifeTrust, Loyality, Sacrifice and Compromise… Or should I say that these four sets a base for any kind of bond!!!? You don’t need to smell your man’s shirt or check his phone behind his back, if the trust factor is there. And this sense of trustability only comes when loyalty is there. It’s a two-way business. Caption this…! If both the persons in your relationship are timely sacrificing and compromising tits and bits – just to see a smiley curve on their partner’s face, then you really need to celebrate dear! Cheers to your bond that will last forever, indeed!

I guess you must have calculated the score of your bond by now! If not, then gear up and compute it. Check if your lovely bond is as strong as a bull, or weak as a lamb!!!