From last few days, everyone’s life has drastically changed and the whole world is shaking. And credit goes to Covid-19 tragedy! This virus has hit us hard like a flood, but also, has brought waves of so many grave lessons along with it. In this piece of writing, OPOV has tried to highlight some really important lessons learned during the Coronavirus.

Balance at its best!

Mother Earth takes care of all its children. Considering animals, birds and nature have experienced so much ache due to the greed of Humans. Tables have turned now! All creatures except humans are happy and enjoying their freedom. A mother knows how to distribute a fruit amongst all its children equally!

Your Body is your Home

No money or luxury is worthy if your body is weak with a bad immune system. You can fight with such life-threatening viruses or diseases with a healthy body, but to fight with such quarantine or lockdown situation, one need to have a strong mind. Depression is a worm that can attack the feeble minds quickly. Only a layer of robustness and self-contentment can give refuge against this worm.

Medical Science is the biggest church!

No religion has the power to save the mankind. OPOV believes in the existence of god. But we also believe in the power of medical science and dedication of doctors which is standing out in this backbreaker situation. The money spent by the Government or devotees to build huge houses of religions can rather be saved to arrange more medical facilities.

Uneducated’s Sensibility over Degree-holder’s Stupidity

Infected people hiding their travel history, attending big gatherings, spreading messages of hatred are few examples that have recently proved that being educated is not everything! If there is a lack of common sense and basic moral values, even the doctorate degrees hold no weightage.

Classy Media as well as Crappy Media

Media’s role is to act as an eye-opener and to collapse the house of cards of con artists. This pandemic situation has put all other topics into cages. And now with just one topic in spotlight, they are showing the real face. Few channels are good enough to target the only issue wisely, whilst others are bringing in the communalism and hoisting the flag of their favourite political parties.

Human is the Real Venomous Virus

Whatever changes humans have made on this earth, only results in the happiness of humans. Neither earth, nor the sky was happy. No other nature’s offsprings were delighted by ‘human sort of development’. But just by house-arresting humans for few days, heaven showers all its happiness. Deep damages done from so many decades have been washed off and the earth started healing swiftly. This shows the real virus is Human race, not COVID-19!

If we start writing all the important lessons learned during the Coronavirus, we will end up penning down minimum two to three books. Therefore, we have covered only the cardinal points as per our point of view. Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic with us.

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