The pace with which our Incredible India is heading towards the growth is surely remarkable. From increasing economy to brighter name in the world – the nation is surely aligning the stars in its favor! But still there are some potholes on this road to prosperity! These needs to be filled quickly. The below mentioned hiccups will let you know that this Incredible India is sitting on a wheelchair:

Incredible India is suffering with the Wounded Mentality

// Point Of View says – Good Reality can’t breathe having ill Mentality by its side. Without thinking about our outer selves, the inner self should be pure and kind. Mentality about different races, religions, women’s lifestyle or refugees – the attitude is disheartening overall

Poverty Setback

poverty in indiaYes, one of the fastest-growing economy of the world is experiencing this misfortune majorly! India is not just holding the tag of ‘large population’ but also having the badge of ‘excessive poverty’ on its suit!

Safety of Women always on stake

safety of womenA country where the citizens see the nation’s map as goddess statue, cow is worshiped as a mother, countless temples of the goddesses – here women are brutally thrashed by the heinous souls on daily bases! The shameless rise in the count of rapes and molestation, cases of abortion of female fetuses, domestic violence, stopping a girl from pursuing the desired education and career… and the list is everlasting!

Fabric of Equality is really fragile

inequality gender in indiaBy ‘Equality’, we mean Men, Women, LGBTQ, different caste and religion! For each section this Stereotype Society has different rules. But ‘WHY?’ Violence and sexual assault not only defines the barbarity towards female brigade, but for other genders too! Whosoever is suffering should be given the shelter, and the victim should be behind the bars – irrespective of anything! Also, the ‘Quota system’ in the country is only digging graves for the deserving candidates’ dreams and thereby nation’s overall growth!

Distasteful definition of Patriotism

patriotism in indiaFragrance of Patriotic sentiments towards the country comes only when the Independence Day and Republic Day approaches. Otherwise, this Incredible India wears a mask that is divided into many segments! On the days, other than these two national holidays, almost the whole nation waves the flags of their states, castes or religions separately! ‘Indians’ turns into ‘North-Indians’, ‘South-Indians’, ‘Jaat’, ‘Punjabis’, ‘Indian-Muslims’, ‘North-Eastern’, etc.

Respect-less rewards for Soldiers

respect less rewards for soldiersAnother thing to mock the term ‘patriotism’! The Soldiers are not given the due respect. Only honors they are getting are medals, their names on national monuments, and lastly a good farewell to their bodies once they are martyred! Ours is a country where we cheer for Cricket and Bollywood, but not for those who are selflessly fighting for ‘us’ in extreme conditions at the borders!

We ‘Indians’ need to come out of the small world that each individual has created around him/her. Make this your 2018 Resolution to repair the dents on nation’s vehicle – so that we all can sit together in it and take a smooth ride towards the bed of roses. Turn this ‘Injured India’ into the ‘Incredible India’!!!

Though there is much more to cite, but as of now we are giving the rest to our words. You are free to share your point of view with us in the below mentioned comments section.