Corporate Rights are like pure oxygen to an employee. Though one can live with an impure oxygen too, but it’s hard to survive for long in that case!

Quite many people today are directly or indirectly part of the Corporate world. Though it’s a great source of money and can also let you sit in the lap of luxury. But Our Point Of View wants you to Know Your Corporate Rights. This will help you in earning money, but with great harmony! You will be able to maintain a good work-life balance too!

Extending working hours for serving the office, and thereby tarnishing your out-of-office life should never be on your list!

work as per assigned time

Machines are already there in offices, so you don’t need to act like one! Speak up! Putting forth your point of view is one of the Corporate Rights.


Just bring you and your knowledge to the office, and not any tangible item. It is the company’s duty to provide you with all the amenities.


Serious concerns can be narrated to any higher authority irrespective of following the hierarchy.


You are your office’s employee, not your manager’s domestic help!


You should be designated as per your knowledge and contribution at work, and not on the basis of gender, experience or financial status!

our point of view

There should be a bold and a visible line between professional and personal life.

professional and personal lifeMore than right, the last point is actually your duty! Remember, you have a life outside office premises too. So to maintain your health, lifestyle and top of all – to preserve your inner self, try to get an imprint of these Corporate Rights on yourself! Think about the true worth of these rights that will actually let you work and live peacefully! There might be other Corporate Rights in your mind too. Feel free to share them in the below comment section. We always love to hear from the active and imaginative brains!