Love is never the beginning of your life, similarly breakup can never put a full stop on your lifeblood! Life never ends after breakup. Our Point Of View understands that there is hell lot of pain after the two heart splits. It will make your skin crawl and your heart starts exploding! The pain of breakup might not be portrayed via any piece of writing or video. The one suffering from it can only realize the ache! But we can help you in knowing what to do after breakup.

We have fabricated a list of Do’s and Don’ts to be followed post Breakup. If you are going through this heart wrenching phase or might hit with it in future, this list will surely help you in reclaiming yourself quickly and let you know how mature you are!


  • After breakup, cut all the chords with your ex

    cut all the chords with your ex

We have noticed one common misstep – even after the couple parts their ways, they usually get in touch with each other! By ‘touch’ we mean being in contact through any ways. When you have decided to block that person from your life, then what is there that is stopping you to block him/her from your phone and on social media??? When the wound is fresh and skin is fragile, it’s better to stay away from the tool that causes this deep pain – at least till the time you get back into the form!

  • Time to shower more love on yourself after breakup

    love yourself

Though this should be your priority always, but after breakup, it’s should be a mandatory point in your list! Start dating yourself! The time and care that you gave to your ex, give that to yourself now. You need it! But never give yourself those pity looks!

  • Want to forget your ex Bae? Involving into fun is the best way!

    fun is the best way

Studies have proved that being a part of fun activities act as a stress buster. Your broken heart will get back to the original shape via this way. Your main motto should be to make a healthy distance from the melancholy situations. Opt for funny movies, go to adventure parks, enjoy fun-filled time with your dear ones or anything similar…

  • Friends means FUN

    friends means fun

Where else you can find more fun other than with your bizarre yet lovable friends! Sometime it’s hard to open up in front of your family, especially in love related matters! But you can unleash your wrath and cry your heart out in front of your bosom buddies for sure. A good friend always helps you to come out from the sorrowland!


  • Showing off to your Ex

    showing off to your ex

When the things get ended abruptly and you both decided not to come back together, then what’s the use of doing anything that relates to your ex??? Stop showing him/her what your mood status is! Happy or sad – just keep it to you! In this game of showing-off, you are ultimately doing a major damage to yourself!

  • Immediately ringing the bell of another relationship

    another relationship

This is another blunder that most of the youths are doing today! Yes, we agree that life doesn’t end after a breakup, but don’t start a new journey promptly! First fill the vacuum created by your ex, then bring in a new person and give a new space to him/her! Don’t run to bring in a Stepney for your life’s vehicle…

  • Never give ears to SAD Music

    sad music

Might sound weird, but Our Point Of View believes that Music plays a vital role in our life – whether love life or otherwise, our heartstrings are somehow connected with the music! So when the sad song is being played, its bitter lyrics can pierce your heart and make it bleed! Avoid it as much as you can!

  • Staying alone after breakup

    staying alone after breakup

When the heart cries, all a person wants is his/her privacy. For a few days, it is fine. Post that, avoid it. Staying alone and idle will bring back the memories and pushes you in the well of misery! Many broken hearts have experienced the most pain during night hours when no one is there to engage their mind (and heart of course)! Always indulge in something and keep yourself occupied. Have many irons in the fire!!!


Treat your breakup like any other hurdle of life, and shape yourself into a tougher person! The list of such Do’s and Don’ts is quite long. Share yours with us in the below comments section.