Mother’s day is around the corner and most of you must be looking for some ambrosial way to show to your mother how much she means to you! But is this one day enough to make the lady feel special – the lady who has devoted her whole life to you? What is the significance of painting the town red just once in a year? What role a mom really holds over her children’s heart?

Significance of Mother and Mother’s Day?

Not giving up despite so much suffering and struggles – this is what defines a Mother. A lady who can even starve to death just to feed your stomach fully – that is Mother!

God has made a special creature which is strong and emotional equally, and named it as “MOTHER”. Some are traditional, some are modern, some are disciplinary while some can be labeled as the ‘cool moms’. With lots of variations, yet one thing is pretty much common in all, and that is their bottomless love towards their children. Mother can be anything but selfish! Yes, a woman can be someone wrapped up in oneself, but when the same can never apply to her the very moment she is crowned with this ‘Mother’ tag. If unfortunately there is some lady who acts selfish towards her offsprings, then that woman is just a ‘some lady’, not a Mom!

When actual realization wakes up from a deep sleep?

As they say, no rose can come without the thorns. So this eminent badge too comes with hell lot of responsibilities. Even though most of us respect our mothers the most, yet we usually overlook the oodles of thankless jobs she is happily doing every day! Only whenever she is out of house or is in low spirits, that is the time when the whole family understands how much sloppy they are in real, and how this lady is a real savvy in stringing the bunch of messy things as well as people together under a roof! What’s the use of hurting such pure soul 364 days and then beat the drum of Mother’s day on the 365th day? No, we don’t oppose to laud this day, but first understand your mom’s value to the full extent!

Tigress in the skin of human

She is the lady who carries you 9 months in her womb. The soreness each woman goes through during this period is beyond the wildest dreams! The chain of pain that never gets extinguished… Post birth too, she faces society’s rash to safeguard her little darling(s). No matter how much your mom scolds you up for your mistakes, but if any third person intervene, the wind turns into the Tornado. But not towards you, rather against that third nose who is trying to get it in between a mother and her child!

In a nutshell, this role of a woman is the most adorable one. So, keep on celebrating this Mother’s day – EVERYDAY. There is no star brighter than her, no heart pure as hers and no God greater than her! Our Point Of View believes:

“No Superhero, no Power, no Universe – is greater than motherhood!”