Your Partner is not over his/her ex or does he/she? Have you ever fired this question back to yourself? Have you managed to get the answer of it by now? If no, then you are surely at the right page at the moment. We can help you on this.

Suspecting your partner after small clashes is not a healthy pill for your bond. But when you start having strong doubts about your partner’s loyalty towards you, try checking the below mentioned signs. These 5 signs will help you in knowing if your partner is not over his/her ex still!

Your partner’s rude eye is a Hint!

your partner’s rudeA couple can have fights, no doubt! But when the one starts getting rude, that can be a sign that your partner is not over his/her ex. When one person is unable to cut the strings of his/her past relationship, then such black clouds stars covering the present relations’s sky!

Weighing you and his her ex in the same scale?

Straight up comparisonsComparison is a poison, for all sorts of relationships. When your partner starts throwing up comparisons between you and his/her ex, then things are surely getting bitter in your love life! Only a mature person is actually able to move on from his/her dark past fully, and never ever looks back into it! (Also check: Signs that you are actually a mature person, and not just aging!)

Your partner doesn’t want to open all his chapters to you!

They do not want to talk about a few topicsAre you in a relation where there are certain things you can’t talk upon? Are there certain topics which your partner reluctant to discuss about? Especially when the name of your partner’s ex pops up, is he/she gets uncomfortable? Then it’s a sure-shot case that still that old seed is holding the grip of your love-life’s root!

You remind me of my Ex!’ statement..

You remind me of my ExWhat? Are you kidding? You are reminding your lover of someone he/she already got separated from! It’s an alarming state dear! Your lover has started seeing the picture of ex in your face, and making it pretty obvious that your partner is not over his/her ex.

Still Best Friend’ game is always Risky!

Still Best FriendMight sound a small point or illogical too. Like some extra smart people says, ‘Couples can stay as best friends even after the breakup!’. But Our Point Of View disagrees with this statement. Though, staying normal friends is still digestible! So, ex couple staying in too much contact with each other can knock down their present lives!

The heart is not a rented house where when one goes, another person fills the vacated space! Instead, it is a soil where if one plant starts drying out after getting infected from bugs, it needs to be removed fully from the root. Give this soil some time to settle down – this phase is called ‘Move On’. Now, after the healing, another plant can come and takes that place!

But if your lover is unable to understand this simple theory, he can never clear the exam of your trust! If your partner is not over his/her ex even after you have come into his/her life, then it’s time for you to rethink – Rethink about yourself!