Really? Rape Capital of the World?

Though no constitution has declared India or any other country as the Rape Capital of the World, the count of such heinous crime rate is pointing out that India is not too behind in this race! This crime is increasing in a rapid manner. But what are we doing? Taking the candle march past on roads? Shouting out the angry slogans? Sticking sizable posts on Facebook walls, Whatsapp status, Insta stories?

Just because the Rape victim’s blood doesn’t match our blood, we are not taking the bigger steps! No, Our Point Of View is not against the support you guys are showing to get justice for the victim! But why we all simply stop after raising our voice for a few days? When the spark actually starts showing up, why we leave the ground? Like, the very famous (or rather we should say INFAMOUS) Nirbhaya’s case – the Nation’s capital unfolds a completely different side after this case. They showed that why Delhi is called ‘DILwaalo ki Delhi’ (Delhi of Good-Hearted people)! Random people came all together and even stayed on roads for several nights! Many things happened for the first time (yes, that Nirbhaya case was one of a kind too, at that time!) – Fast Track court, consideration of Juvenile criminals, etc. But what next? Everyone went inside their nests and had peaceful sleep every night since then! The only one to shed tears was Nirbhaya’s feeble family!

Such barbarous acts didn’t stop after this case, instead, more are being added on a daily basis! Asifa case, Sitapur Gangrape, Chhattisgarh rape case, Nagaon, and latest one to add in this long list is Twinkle Sharma‘s case! Though in baby Twinkle’s case, rape has not been confirmed. But surely that one was a horrific act in itself! 

So where exactly we’re lacking and driving towards the tag of “Rape Capital of the World”? Let’s check:

No Law Enforcement! No means not at all!

What? Did you know this already? Yeah! We all are aware of this. There are laws but they are only limited to the law books! The sad reality of India…! Even half of the police (not all for sure!) is stained too! And Dirty Politics is another one to fan the flame!

Objectifying Women has become the favorite pass time!

If Men can wear whatever they want to, can go wherever they want to and do whatever they want to – then why there is a different jar for another gender? Why women are treated as objects or arm candies in many places? Consider them as a Human Being who have feelings, emotions, desires, and dreams!

Juvenile Escapes the Cage without any scratch! Always!

There is a noticeable difference between a mistake and a crime! Forgiving a teenager on the pretext of a small age is surely something off-track! Raping someone is different from stealing! Our Govt has banned 800 porn sites, but can’t take a single action against the Juveniles! If one is having the sense of forcefully dragging a girl and molesting her, even if it’s a 10-year old kid, he must be punished! Why? Come on! Why not?

Lack of Sex Education, of course!

This not only increasing the abusing cases in India but increasing the country’s population too! Why giving or getting Sex Ed is considered as a Taboo here? It will surely lower down the speed of ours in becoming the Rape capital of the world! Let us provide our future generation about this, and prevent them to stay away on taking the wrong direction!

Commenting/Stalking/Staring – are all normal. Seriously?

When a guy (or a bunch of them!) teasing a girl/woman by making lewd remarks or by stalking or staring her, that is also a part of ABUSE! A guy masturbating in public is not justifiable too! But why our society considers it as a normal thing? And instead of teaching such person a lesson, a girl is being told to take preventive measures – like avoid going out in the night, wear “Appropriate clothes”, and more such crap!

Marital Rape is an ugly reality of this whole world!

Not just India, but many countries don’t have any law for this! While taking the vows, did the man take the vow of harassing her better-half? Did he say that he will have sex no matter if his lady is not even interested/comfortable/healthy? The couple just took the vows to understand and love each other. Which law or religion or holy book states that a woman becomes the sex toy of her husband as soon as she ties the knot with him?

Not just these 7, but there are several other factors that are accountable for the increasing “sexual-crime against women” graph and leading India to become the Rape capital of the world! Seems SEX has become such a big thing for our men that if not a woman or a girl (or even a small boy), they are even attacking mute animals! Dogs, cows, goats (even the pregnant ones) are being raped! Disgraceful! Seems one doesn’t need to die to see what a Hell looks like (forget about Heaven, as that is already out of reach of humans of this era!), the earth itself is becoming a perfect replica of Hell!

Are we living in an Incredible India or an Injured India?

Don’t just wait for the time when some beasts eat away the flesh of a girl and crush her inner self mercilessly, and then we all will get together on the roads to take out big candle march pasts! Pressurize the Govt. to take strict actions against such scoundrels immediately. Because once an example is set in front of people, the fear will automatically develop in them that will block them to cross their boundaries!