“Casting Couch” – Whenever this word reaches our ears, the very next word that hits us is ‘Bollywood’ or the complete ‘Entertainment Industry’. Behind this glam world, a bitter and a darker chapter is hidden deep down. Many sting operations have dug out famous names already, yet no punishment ever be granted to the culprits, nor have anyone spoken about it openly.

Recently, one south actress Sri Reddy has taken this bold step to expose the gloomy side of this industry. Time and again this topic spread its wings, but sadly, only for a while. But this time, the situation seems a bit better as well as brighter. After Sri Reddy, many more known names have come forth and started speaking about it. But on the other side, the words coming out of a legendary choreographer’s mouth are surely embarrassing and shocking too. Yes, we are talking about Saroj Khan – the lady that has established Dance as a profession in real terms!

Not just her age, but also the level of experience she is having is going against her recent statement on Casting Couch. When we are expecting more and more people to come and speak for this critical issue, statements like these will surely leave a strong impact on at least 20% of the population (the people who are already having a dirty mind!). Yes, India is still a developing country where there is a strong war going on between the traditional values and open-mindedness! Many people have already made their ways towards the latter path, yet many are still holding the thread of traditional values. But some traditional values are really cheap and trashy. Seems like Ms Khan needs to understand this. After all, she is having a hell number of followers. Stating that “casting couch is giving livelihood to many” is really distasteful. Come on Saroj Mam, you must have sailed in the same boat as those of the struggling actors in your initial days. You have come this far and attain a legendary tag – on the basis of your Talent only! Our Point Of View fully condemns your this thinking!

Dreaming about becoming an actor/actress is not a crime. Just because many talent-holders are not having a filmy background and thus cannot hold the flag of Nepotism, does that mean they should sell their bodies to achieve those dreams? Then what is the difference between this industry and the house of prostitution? After all, in the later one too the bodies are tagged to be sold for nights to different vendors! In one place, people are bounded with dreams and other place depicts helplessness. No one is allowed to take advantage in any of the cases though! Yes, one can’t take back his/her words, yet apologizing will not make the person smaller too! Saroj Khan, show some guts to come in light again, and accept your mistake before it’s too late!


And for heaven’s sake, stop spreading such negativity and let the flowers of real talent and humanity blossom please!