India is a country that welcomes outsiders, but most of the time, it abandons its own citizens! Weird! Right? There are plenty of such Strange Laws in India that sound crazy at first instance – or maybe each time you hear it! Like the nation’s most beloved M.S.Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot, here comes our shot of 6 such Craziest Indian Laws:

1st in the list of Strange Laws is this… “Adultery” – Favors Women!

6 Strange Laws in IndiaWhat? Having a perception that India is fully a male-dominant country? Nooo… Indian Penal Code, 1860 (Section 497) says if a man hooks up with a married lady, he will get punished – but not that lady!!!

Found 11 Rs or more on Road? – Don’t pocket it!

6 Strange Laws in IndiaYes, another strange law! If you find more than 10 Rs on the road and you are pocketing that, it is considered a punishable offense. You are supposed to hand over that money to the Police! Damn… who cares to take so much pain for such a small amount? Do you???

Sparkling Teeth are a ‘must’ to become a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh

6 Strange Laws in IndiaThe connection that Indian Govt has with the nation’s common people, is similar to that between this law and logic! As per this law, one must have sparkling teeth to become a motor vehicle inspector in AP! Also, to add more bitterness, motor vehicle inspector should not have flat feet, hammer toes or pigeon chests. One of the freaky and strange laws! Definitely created by some Weirdo! Even a girlfriend shows less tantrums than this law!!!

Long Legs to be a Runner… Sorry! To be a Pilot!

long legs to be a pilotYes, you read that right! To have one of the most dreamt jobs in India, you should be a Giraffe in terms of legs’ length! No matter how tall and skilled you are, if your legs are lesser than 90 cm, you are out of this Pilot race! So, wondering if Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone can try for this role???

Suicide? Either a successful attempt or get ready to go to Jail!

6 Strange Laws in IndiaAlmost all the countries show sympathy towards the one who attempts to take one’s life. Few countries labeled Suicide as Illegal. But in India, Suicide is Legal, but attempting is not! Once you are out of hospital after having that unsuccessful attempt, get ready to cut the Jail’s ribbon!

Free to use any hotel’s restroom!

free to use any hotel restroomYes, India does have ‘Sulabh Sochalaya’ and ‘Portable Toilets’, but if your are still feeling reluctant to use them, go to any hotel. Yes… ANY! Also, similar law if you want to have water too. But we suggest you to go on the false pretext of eating or staying in the hotel, if you don’t want to get threatened by those deadly looks by the Hotel’s manager!

What an Incredible India… These Strange Laws must be hard to digest. Please go to a nearby hotel and have some free water to gulp these strange dishes of Indian kitchen! If you also know such bizarre faces of India, share them with us in the comments section below. Happy Reading 🙂