This big name is offending many eyes – because they say Sunny Leone is spreading Vulgarity and damaging Indian Culture! Oh is it? Just because she worked as a Porn Star? Seems like that ‘Porn Star’ shadow is still walking with this cute lady.. But why? Now she is not working in that industry! And when she did, that too was her will. You never know if something has pushed her to go into that zone or she went there all by herself! And anyways, what’s the need of making a big issue out it? It’s her call what she wants to do with her life and her body! Why can’t we Indians just look at her other activities!!!

Our Point Of View is here to give you the reasons that will let you rethink if Sunny Leone is spreading vulgarity in our nation or the other way round! Have a look:

Swears not to Endorse Tobacco Products

not to endorse tobacco productsSunny is really connected with good social causes. Most people got offended when Sunny’s condom ads came on television for the first time. That section of our society always wants a woman to stay in ‘ghunghatt’. Then how can they swallow such an ad! Even after being trolled and insulted on several platforms, Sunny is not about money! She considers her nation and the well being of people first. That’s why she has promised to say a Big No for endorsing the Tobacco products – no matter how many folds his bank balance grows by endorsing it!

Her Regular Visits to the orphanages!

Regular Visits to the orphanagesYes, this adorable face is having a soft heart that beats for the orphans and the needy ones! Whenever she gets time from her shoots, she prefers to devote her time in spreading joy among the dead broke people! P.S. – She is not going there in ‘vulgar or X-rated’ attires. See the proof yourself in the pic here!

Nisha Kaur Weber is her sunshine!

Nisha Kaur Weber is her sunshineSunny took everyone by storm last year when she announced about the adoption of this little munchkin! Sunny and her husband Daniel happily trumpet about this new member in their family. They have not just adopted her, but proving to be the best parents too by spending quality time with her.. Another shocking thing is that this baby doll was turned down by around 11 prospective set of parents (due to the reasons best known to them). But when this lovely couple set their eyes on Nisha for the first time, that’s it!

Her heart cords are connected to 300 more kids!

Her heart cords are connected to 300 more kidsNot just Nisha, but Sunny is also an angel for around 300 kids in Mumbai. Sunny is funding a school in Mumbai and donating a good amount for the present and the future of these kids. It’s lovely to see such big-hearted people around! Kudos Karenjit Kaur!

Connection with Cancer related Charities!

Connection with Cancer related CharitiesYes. The more you will look into her life, the more you will start seeing her big heart – more than the glimpse of her white skin and past profession! Mrs. Weber also closely works with the Charities that treats the cancer patients for free! Sunny is donating a notable amount there as well!

Leone has a Lion inside her!

Leone has a Lion inside herThis woman has all heart for the mute beings too! She is a strong animal supporter and thus she is a part of PETA. Even most of our society stereotype setters have no space in their hearts for the poor animals. But Sunny has a soft heart to support this great cause. Time to time, she comes up in public to spread the awareness about the safety of the animals. Isn’t she a sweetheart?

Sunny Leone is spreading Vulgarity by not performing in front of the kids!

not performing in front of the kidsWhat? Sounds weird? Yes, this lady is spreading filthiness in our Indian culture by not performing live in front of the kids. During the shoot of her sexy song “Pink Lips”, she called out the shoot by putting it on the hold as some kids came to the set to see her! Sunny felt the song would be a bit inappropriate to be performed in front of the little ones!

One thing is sure – this lady is surely having a beautiful and a big heart for kids. So, Sunny is not just about cute face and hot body, instead she is so much more than that! For some or many eyes, Sunny Leone is spreading vulgarity in the ‘Sanskari’ country, but we, OPOV, surely love the Sunny for the above mentioned reasons! What’s your views fellas? Share your views in the comment section below. Happy Reading! 🙂