2020 year surely has not splashed good colours in the canvas of our lives so far. With this COVID-19 monster, outside sky is covered with scary clouds. So it is strictly advised to the entire world to stay indoors. We all have prayed at least once in our lifetime to see more Sundays in a row so that you can stay at home peacefully. Prayers have been answered strongly! Instead of complaining about the boredom, can we all try to be more productive towards the remaining days of lockdown?

Apart from binge-watching movies and series, OPOV is suggesting 8 crisp ideas to do the Time pass to break the Quarantine glass.

By hook or by COOK

If eating is for all, then why can’t cooking be? Wake up your inner Chef and experiment with food. But make sure not to waste the food too.

Star in the Social Media Sky

Each one of us is having one or more streaks of talent within us. But due to time constraints, most of us didn’t get the time to promote it on the social media platform. So guys, now is the time! Make the best use of Youtube, Tiktok or Helo.

Flourishing Family

Let’s gather some precious family moments now. Sit together and talk on the topics. Hot one is Coronavirus! But there are happening topics also which will garner more laughter. Play ‘Truth & Dare’ with them and see the fun face of your family.

For Cuddling Couples

Now is the time for couples to grow the plant of closeness in their garden. Arrange a date set up in your balcony/room or on terrace, and enjoy a romantic date night. Best part – it will not get spoiled by crazy office calls or the tension of early office joining next day.

Study the Stock Market Meltdown

Stock market is one of the widest topics to study. The market is crashing down with each passing day due to the virus crisis, and this can be used as an opportunity for those who have always hesitated to invest in it. Go in for the shattering stocks! You might make fortune once the market comes back on track

Empty your To-do List

Watch the pending movies and series, call your friends who are staying at a long distance from you or in different time zones, read the books you always wanted to. Do meditation and even the world will help you by keeping the noise pollution down!

Laudable Learning

Career-oriented people can make the best use of this time by joining online courses/languages and doing certifications. By the time quarantine quarter will get over, your CV will be having a heavy and worthy makeover. “Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourselves with it.”

Dreamy Decors

Open your storeroom and take out the stuff. Use it to prepare DIYs and adorn your home. Also, you can use the time by jazzing up your own look by preparing and using homemade beauty treatments. It is the best time to take care of your body!

OPOV is sure that you are already having lots of other time pass ideas too. Please share yours with us in the below comment section.

Stay at home

Please don’t roam

The world is in danger

You can be the game changer!