Travel makes you awesome and momentous too! Ibn Battuta once said – “TRAVELING – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” No doubt you all must be aware of the worth of travelling, but is travelling once in a year is your habit too? How often do you travel? And when it’s about travelling, are you making peace with a two-days trip to some nearby resort? Travelling has the power to heal the internal wounds and can give rest to your stressful nerves.

Let’s take a flying trip towards the 5 reasons of having a good travel at least once in a year:

This whole world is one fat book.

This whole world is one fat bookSo don’t stop yourself at first page itself! Try to turn as many pages as you can (and also as your wallet allows, of course)! You will not just get to see the beauty of this world, but also the beauty in the people as well! And the dirt that comes your way, will get converted into the learning experiences!

Mental Fitness is as important as Body Fitness.

not a cry babyYou will see a beautiful change in your mental health and this boost is equally proportional to the count of your trips! Your mind that works even in your sleep, needs frequent breaks from this chaotic world! For many people, break means going to party clubs and venting out all the frustration there. But this is surely nothing comparable to having a good trip. So, choose the latter one!

Travel makes you Awesome and Alive!

take riskIf your heart beats more than 60 times in a minute and you have the delusion that you are alive, then you are surely a frog in the well! You badly need to seek outside the walls. Yes, travelling will open your pocket, but you will get a superb return for this investment. Your eyes and soul will also get opened up. You will say ‘Hi’ to your inner self! OPOV bets that each time you will travel, you will explore a hidden facet of you!

So, don’t just EXIST, be ALIVE!

Step into the Real World!

Step into the Real WorldThis new generation has become a whiner, and always carries the victim crown with itself! But once you start travelling, you will realize how much fortunate life you are blessed with in contrast to many others! So, Travel makes you awesome, but also discovers a mature person inside you!

Make this world your HOME and strangers your FAMILY…


Travel makes you awesomeTravelling will let you meet different people from different backgrounds, different mindsets and different cultures. It’s like you are on a trip to one country, but you are getting the boon to have a virtual trip of many more countries! There are many instances where popular travelers shared that they met total strangers on their trip and later turned into their family!

So, we hope it must have become pretty much clear why and how travel makes you awesome, and why you should plan good outings time and again! Don’t just pretend to be happy, rather follow this one of the vibrant ways of living a colorful life

If you have any great travel story, share with us too! Happy Reading fellas… J