Life is a blank canvas… Paint it with as many colors as you can! God has given you this precious Human life, but how you make it colorful, is purely your call! Life sometimes (or many times) seem mean, but you can’t expect weather to be sunny always. Like what they say – too much light is also bad for your eyes! That’s why it’s worthier if the ride of life has a few speed breakers as well.

Let’s have a look at 7 colors of Rainbow that will lead you towards a colorful life, and thus make it admirable:

Cardinal step towards a colorful life is Being Grateful

being gratefulOur Point Of View says having a grateful approach towards what you have is the biggest jump towards a satisfactory life. Stop comparing your life with that of Bill Gates‘ or any such biggies! This will do nothing but a hole in your happy cottage. Be thankful towards everything you have – food, water, roof… Because the bitter truth is that millions on this earth are really not able to afford even these basic amenities!

Start-off anything NEW!

start anything newThis can be anything – gymming, dancing, yoga, or anything that is different from your regular routine. Don’t restrict this list to just physical activities. Any such thing that gives you immense pleasure and a happy experience, just go with that! This makes your head lighter and a soft carpet will be laid for you to take you into a colorful life.

Avoid Whiners to be a Winner

our point of viewStaying more in the company of the people who like to take the Victim-Crown can only inject frustration in your veins! Their presence can only bring one color to your life, and that is Blurry Grey! Kick such people out from your life’s canvas…

Don’t give a damn to this Society!

log kya kahenge‘What will Society say?’, ‘Log Kya Kahenge?‘– why these questions are hammering you down? Body is yours, dreams are yours. Life, family, intelligence, talent, hard work – all are yours! Then what the thread of your life is doing in the society’s hand!!! Have a grip on it and adorn your life the way you want! The internal bliss that you’ll get from this will surely add a bright shade in your life!

Stop Begging, Start Earning

stop begging peopleAsking money from parents might not sound like begging to most of you! But when you reach a certain age, this ‘asking’ actually becomes ‘begging’! Life can’t give you learnings if you will keep on taking an effortless ride in the cradle. You have to step out of your comfort zone and then only you can explore the actual meaning of ‘Life’!

When the hand gives, the heart smiles!

social causeTry to associate yourself with any charity work. Living life for yourself is easy, but when you start living it for others, that actually makes a big deal! It’s hard to touch the level of Mother Teresa, but sharing a part of your life is surely achievable. Those hopeless eyes will get filled with enough spark, which in turn will leave a beautiful tint in your eyes too!

Stop consuming a Poison named – ‘Regret’

stop regrettingLast but surely not the least! Yes, feeling sorry when you are guilty is a good sign, but if stretched for long – it can actually weaken you! ‘Sorry’ has four stages – realize, regret, damage control and non-repetition of mistake. Don’t get stuck in the second stage and make your life miserable.

The above mentioned 7 colors are sufficient to push you in the land of colorful grass. And if you have a colorful life, more productivity is guaranteed at professional ground and more love will blossom in the home! If you have more such ideas to live a colorful life, share them with us in the comments section below.

Spread smiles, spread colors 🙂