Hello lovely readers! Do you think you are a creative person? Or you, at least, have bit of such creative essence in you? Creativity is not just the way to make the world beautiful, instead it’s also a way to share your heart and soul with this world! Imagining a world without creativity is like imagining food without salt, earth without music and paintings without colors. You can surely go for a while, but it’s not a long term deal at all! World without creativity would be too horrific to even imagine!

So, are you the one adding into this colorful side of the earth or are you on the other end? Let OPOV help you in figuring this out. Here are the 8 Signs to see if you are a creative person:

1. You are a Night Owl

Night OwlYour brain usually works best when it gets a soothing environment. Researchers have also found out that most creative people connect themselves with their souls during night time. Such people indulge in mental gymnastics at dead of night! Only these unique heads can see the hidden sad face of the radiant Moon!

2. You are a creative person if you can’t escape Daydreaming!

You are a creative personEven if you will try hard, you will end up daydreaming at least once in 24 hours… Why? Because you have the power to creative a completely different world in your imagination. And a creative piece of work usually comes from such minds that takes the flights of fantasies!

3. Rejections can never sway you away!

Rejections can never sway you awayThat’s right! Most of you must have got confused with the point of daydreaming, as 95% humans are doing it. But the section that cuts themselves from this crowd is actually 20-30%. These are the Ingenious ones! They do daydreaming, but they don’t live in a fairy-tale! And the difference lies in the way they handle the ‘thumbs down’. A daydreamer can never digest the failures, but an innovative mind is “fail forward”. Washouts can only affect you for a short span of time.

4. Hating Stereotypes and Stereotypical Society are among your hobbies!

Hating StereotypesYou like to go against the grain. Instead of nodding your head like a cow, you prefer to see the matter from every possible angle. You put forward ‘inquiring’ over ‘agreeing’! You are one of very few people who actually go against the flow and dig out the unvarnished truth.

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5. Calm outside, Stubborn inside!

That’s right, sweetheart! Your creative ways help you in staying calm most of the time. But one thing that can’t be changed is your “Stubborn Soul”. This is why these innovative souls have an authority problem too. They rather march to beat their own drums! But don’t worry! Being stubborn is not always a bad sign.. After all, it takes lots of guts to go against the Stereotypical Society and to not to succumb because of defeats!

6. Bit of Messiness is one of your flaws!

Bit of MessinessSorry to say this, yes you are messy! Though not dirty, but you surely have a messy desk or work environment. This messiness is surely in your brain too, as millions of thoughts altogether races in your head quite often. And you opt cleaning your brain untidiness over that on your desk! That’s why even if your place is sloppy, your thoughts aren’t! (Unlike others..)
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7. Your Brain is a Sponge to Experiences!

Your Brain is a SpongeBeing the trait of a keen observer of everything, you are the best person to squeeze out the juice of the experiences! At some places, you are totally absent-minded, whilst other times you become a people-watcher! This gifted family can absorb even the minute details about anything and anyone. So, rest of the people, better be aware!

8. You’re your own worst Critic, but never HATES your work!

You're your own worst CriticEven if people around you find your creative work amusing, you will somehow find out the flaw(s) in it. This is because of the reason that you always want to improve! But that doesn’t mean you will hate your work or cut it into shreds! No.. Because you respect your passion alot!

Just like Creativity is boundless, so are the signs to show you are a creative person! But as per our point of view, these 8 signs can separate the cream from the milk (or gallons of milk)! So, based on these signs, how much you have scored in your creativity meter? Share with us in the below comment section.

Thanks for Reading! 🙂