With the advancement in technology, many people have found some room on the social media platform. This evolution is a sure hit, but a bug named ‘fake  news’ also finding shelter due to this. Like in recent days, when the whole world is in a pickle because of COVID-19, some crook minds are spreading out fake news. Here are top 8 trending lies on social media these days:

1)      Ratan Tata’s words?

A rumor claimed that the famous industrialist said that 2020 is for survival, and not to think about profits and losses. After few days, Mr Tata himself had to clarify via a tweet that he never issued any such statement. He even urged people to verify the source of the news before believing.

2)      Kim Jong to Kim gone!

For about a week, a rumor was taking rounds in the news world that the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, is critically ill. And then within next few days, another news bombed that Kim Jong-Un is dead and his sister will be stepping into his shoes of responsibilities. This turned out to be one of the much-hyped trending lies last month. Ironically, this fake news is not something that was trended by someone on the social media. Rather it came from the highly trusted source – news channels!

3)      Virus attacking only kids and aged

Another sour cuisine in the plate! It is true – this or any other virus attacks the person with weak immune system. But declaring that middle aged and youngsters are totally out of danger proved really unpleasant!

4)      Amir Khan – the real life Robin Hood?

News came out that Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist is doing the charity in the hidden manner. Amir Khan is distributing wheat to the needy ones and each of those bags contains 15,000 rupees. Later it was confirmed by the actor that he is not involved in any of this and thus it is one of the another trending lies!

5)      Tablighi Jamaat – Worst Coronavirus incident!

This news hold some potential but the way it was portrayed was shabby. It was painted as a big massacre. OPOV is not trying to back up what happened there, but just wanted to say that more similar incidents have taken place where a big crowd has gathered and insulted social-distancing. Shouldn’t be all mistakes measured on the same scale?

6)      Hail ‘Home Remedies’!

Knowing us Indians are much into applying home remedies, and believes in being our own first and foremost doctor all the time. So this story has given base to a lie that use of home remedies like ginger tea, garlic, turmeric etc are proving as a cure to this virus! Sadly it’s not even closer to the truth.

7)      Gargle with Bleach! Eh?

Another big lie was when it was said that US President Donald Trump suggested gargling with bleach water to kill the Coronavirus. The truth is that he didn’t actually say the exact words. Though he did speculate that this can be investigated by medical doctors if bleach injections are of any help. Whoever spread this fake news must be a big enemy to human lives!

8)      Alcohol as sanitizer?

People, people! We really want you to wide open your eyes and brain whenever you encounter such doltish articles/news. It is true that hand sanitizers consists of some amount of alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that washing the hands with direct alcohol means the same!

OPOV really request you not to get carried away by seeing the “One Dimension Reality”! We have picked the top 8 trending lies, but this list is really long. So please don’t fill in your head with incomplete or false knowledge. And especially where you’re not sure on the source of the news, please restrain yourself from passing such news further.

This chain of fake news is proving as a risky game. And if you’re already falling in the category of smart and responsible citizens, accept a heartiest thanks from OPOV team.

“2020 serving scary Covid in world’s tray

And falsifiers adding LIES to the buffet!”