Behind every successful man, there is a woman! Yes, that’s what I believe in. No matter what kind of girl – good or bad, a girl plays an important role in a boy’s life. Always!

Most of you must be having two beliefs.

First – only a righteous girl can lead you towards your terminal victoriously. Second – the girl in question here is
either a girlfriend or a wife. But in Our Point of View, these are mere delusions!!! You can have any relationship
with a girl. She will somehow make your life better. What? Disagreeing? Come, I’ll justify this.

A girl is like a sea – so deep! For a boy, she can be serene. She can bring a soothing wave to a boy. Also, a girl can
adversely hit a boy like some horrific tide! You can have any or both of the two types of exposures under a girl’s



Life becomes an everlasting flowery bouquet when a girl plays a positive role

Life becomes an everlasting floweryYour life becomes a blockbuster movie, having perfect moments and timings. No matter how many times you are falling to the bottom, she can give her tender hand (having a super strong grip) to you each time. She can have few or many flaws, but if your eyes see her as a perfect companion, she will definitely bring peerless music to your heartstrings! It will hit you head on…

Different shades of a girl

Different shades of a girlThis girl can be anyone – lady love, mom, sister, best friend, daughter or anyone else!

  • Mothers surely have a strong hold over their sons’ hearts!
  • A sense of protection comes in a man only when he is having a sister!
  • A girl plays a major role in his father’s life and helps him in climbing the stairs of matureness!
  • And one of the best things – once a girl enters your life as a reliable life partner, you surely have nothing more
  • And one of the best things – once a girl enters your life as a reliable life partner, you surely have nothing more to ask for! So who is your divine messenger that is making your life rhythmic? I am leaving you this to you. Think deeply and decide!

Besides this, I’ll also help you with one of the most jumping query of yours – How to know that your
relationship is strong?

Strengthens you

Strengthens youEven if the world is squeezing you hardheartedly, then also this girl’s pure heart will stand by your side to give you much needed strength! She can even let you know the pain of Goodbyes, which you never realized before!

Jazz Up the love life

Jazz Up the love lifeBoys usually become overly active when they fall into love. But once he comes into a relationship, the importance of it usually starts blurring to him. But a right girl gives her full soul to that relationship! Girls sets and follows relationship goals candidly.

A girl’s advice is incomparable

A girl's advice is incomparableIf planning to shine in your crush’s good book, don’t even think to approach a guy for any kind of advice in this matter! Only a girl’s suggestion comes handy here.

Whole nine yards

From making you an organized human to setting great career aims for you, from helping you in dressing elegantly to bring colors to your life, a girl’s presence can complete and complement your life.



Painful clutches too makes you robust

Painful clutches too makes you robustYou might have already fallen or will fall in future for someone who will rip you apart. Such girl will kill all your emotions. You will start feeling black and blue right after the break up. Your trust, as well as your heart, both will break down into a million pieces. But life is like a wave that never stops at one place. You will soon start finding new ways to lead the remaining of your life. So even if a firebrand can drill you to rock-bottom at once, but after some time, you will become your own better version – a stronger one!

Too much sweetness causes diabetes

//, even if you are with the world’s sweetest girl, don’t brag about being the most fortunate man! Why? Because you are not! Pretty simple!

This sweetness can poison your life. This girl will never hash over you, never says ‘NO’ to you, always be with you like a cotton candy. But cotton candies are extremely sweet and light-weight! Therefore, such a girl can lead you to some disease and can never mark her heavy presence in your life. She will make you sluggish! Besides that, you will lose the power to face the harsh reality of this world!

So, if this girl makes an exit from your life – she leaves you, and leaves nothing for you – don’t worry. It’s actually good for you. Getting pampered all the time will never let you go places! After her exit, you can even strike back with double dynamism! Yes… you read it right! You can make a super comeback. Because, at that time you have to start from the very scratch. It might seem impossible, or at least tough. But even this phase of life will make you rock strong.

So, in a nut-shell, a girl proves a big-league in a boy’s life! Only a girl has the potential to let you know the actual worth of your family – either by bonding you well with them or dragging you away from them! Either way, you will end up respecting the bonds, sooner or later!!!

Though anybody can guide you, but it’s the GIRL who is having the immensely magnetized aura that will let you mould or completely change your decisions. So, if your ‘right’ girl argues with you sometime, it’s for your good sake only. And on the second side of the coin… no matter how composed and sweet a girl is, if she is not having the confidence to tell you your mistakes, she is definitely not the apt one!!! So, choose your lady wisely