So, What’s the latest? – A lady Breastfeed freely her child in open!! The below image tells even the bolder story. Isn’t it? An American Model

Breastfeed freelyMara Martin breastfeeds her baby while doing the catwalk in Miami! What? The above picture is not decent or the word ‘breastfeeding’ is making you embarrassed! Then your mentality meter is surely pea-sized!

No, this is surely not a Publicity stunt! Why do people need to put all good things into the bracket of ‘Publicity stunt’? Yes, it can be a planned act, but that is to emphasize more on the ‘Breastfeed freely’ campaign! This model did a splendid Catwalk for Miami in a gold bikini. Her 5-month baby Aria rocked the floor along with her mom. This bold mother walked the ramp with the noise cancelling headphones in her baby’s ears (for obvious reasons!). Don’t slut-shame this independent woman! She is trying to set an example of the ladies who can work as well as take care of their babies all by themselves.

Similar heroic act came into light few days back in India! This South-Indian actress, Gilu Joseph, broke the taboo and supported the ‘Breastfeed freely’ campaign by posing for the Kerala Magazine Grihalakshmi‘s Cover. Her daring move came under the scanner when some retarded netizens started portraying this act as ‘vulgar’. But fortunately, some people stood up for her and gave the evidence of a develop-minded society! Thankfully!

grihalakshmi Breastfeed freelyOne section of people is celebrating the motherhood and equally appreciating the dignity of Breastfeeding. While the other part is still busy in mocking it shamelessly! Breastfeeding is one of the purest form of Love a mother can shower on her infant! If seen from the medical angle too, this is way too mandatory and healthy for every kid! But when it comes to perform this sacred art, why people are still singing the old song that this should be done in closed doors? Why not in public? What’s the harm? Why the assets of a female body is given this much limelight!? Why all debates ends with how a woman look and carry herself in public?

OPOV is questioning – Are you the one who went through that stinging journey of 9 months? That woman who actually went through that agony should decide what is best for her baby! And if she wants to breastfeed freely in open, then no eyebrow should be raised! No, we are not saying that this is the only way to showcase the mother-child relationship. If the facility is there where a mom can feed her baby inside some closed walls, then that’s good! But in the otherwise situation also, no one has the right to slut-shame that lady!

And the only way to wipe out this thinking is to Stop Objectifying a Woman’s Body and her Assets!