So far, the world was dealing with problems like hunger, poverty, corruption, etc., but recently #MeToo Movement has spread out the most! Many prominent names of the industry are coming under the scanner of sexual misconduct. Especially after actress Tanushree Dutta’s came back into limelight and narrated her 10-year old incident (again)! She, indeed, is one of the daring women who has the guts to come forth and accuse veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. Though, her case seems pretty genuine as she gave the same statement in 2008. And now in 2018 as well, she is strongly sticking to her words. She didn’t give a damn about her career back then, and when nobody supported her, she smoothly chose to left this glamour world!

Our Point Of View is strongly standing with this lady, but when it comes to the recent similar cases, we are pretty much in doubt and loads of questions are crushing us! Hope most of you are also sailing in the same boat. Let us highlight the 5 major questions here:

1) Why so many cases now only?

Yes.. Why now? Dark clouds of casting couch are always there on the industry (whether Bolly or Holly). Then and now, someone keeps on coming for reminding us of the same. But why more and more cases are being lodged now, stating “I was molested few years back”? Where were these ladies before? What took them so long to sum up the courage to speak? Most of them never shied away in unfurling the flag of Feminism!!!

2) Making hay while the sun is shining?

Seems like the same! Though we are not denying that such harassment do not exist in the industry, but the question here is “Were all sleeping by the time Tanushree came into picture last month?” There is always a good time for everything. So, when a dark incident happened to someone in the industry, one should have raised her voice that very moment.

3) “Bad publicity is good publicity.” Are they walking into this lane?

Not just the victims, but the suspects are getting a fair share of publicity in the name of #MeToo movement. So, are both or any one party is using this gun to target the fame? We all know that human nature is usually to forget the good deeds in some time, and the bad actions always leaves a visible impression on our mind…

4) Why “victim” continued to work with the same person or at the same place till now?

What sounds weird the most is – why the sufferers didn’t open their mouths till date and why are they still working under the same roof? Is work more important than respect and dignity? There are barely few women who came to light, narrated their stories and took the bold decision not on work with the same actor/director, or to work with the same production house. Like, in Tanushree’s case, when nobody paid attention to her pain, she bids goodbye to the industry itself! Kudos to her and similar ladies! But sadly, such cases are handful! 

5) Is #MeToo restricted to female fraternity only? What about the males?

This glamour industry is no less than a snake, that bites all (may be, not to the products of Nepotism!). So, where are all the males who have got hunted down in the name of the casting couch? Why aren’t they coming in the front? Is this #MeToo just an extension of that unbearable Feminism?

See.. There are n number of sub-questions coming from the above 5 questions! Your opinion might differ from OPOV’s, or maybe you are also thinking in the same way. Please use the below comment section to express your rage/support/oppose of this ongoing debate.