8th March is well known worldwide as “International Women’s Day”. But how many of you are aware that there is a similar day for Men fraternity too? In the race of collecting laudable pebbles to lay down the bridge of importance of women in our society, we have somehow drawn a blank towards the other gender! OPOV wants to call your attention towards some non-famous truths about men.

1) Suffer in Silence

They don’t shed tears easily. Not because they are tough, as established by our stereotypical society. Rather, they have this fear to get tormented by this society. It has become an unshakable belief that men can’t and shouldn’t be emotional! Forget about mental stress, even their sobbing over physical suffering is not well received!

2) Judge Less, Listen More!

No matter how they are rated by others, but they themselves usually don’t judge! You can fearlessly share your stories with them. Moreover, there are strong chances to get the cream advice for your problems.

3) A Caring Creature

They might not show but they are really very caring. You might not see this side of men as they don’t pay much attention to petty issues. But for bigger pickles, they always keep their tabs on!

4) Forget and Forgive Policy

Holding grudges for too long is not in their dictionary! They have their own share of disputes with their close ones sometimes, but they embrace to brush these off quickly. This is the reason men are known to have friendships as strong as a bull.

5) Flirts, but also fan of true love!

Not saying that all men fall under the same bracket. Most of them have forte in impromptu flirting. But when they get serious for someone, there is no looking back! A man can devote his soul completely to his dream girl.

6) Masters in Distracting Themselves

They do have lots of worries and emotions. But they prefer to hide it under the blanket of smile and laughter. PS games, movies, parties with the buddies, travel – are all their escaping windows in the chamber of stress!

7) They also Sacrifice!

To plug a silk road for their families, men sacrifices their own dreams, and get stuck to the wall of monotonous money-yielding jobs.

These are few non-famous truths about men. OPOV also promotes empowering women, but more than that we believe in Gender Equality. So, along with women, men also suffer many times. The main wrongdoer is the formula already established by our beloved society, which stops us from seeing the other side of the coin. You are more than welcome to share your views on this topic, and to tell how much you agree with this writing piece.
And just for the record purpose – International Men’s Day is on 19th November! Ladies, please be sure to appreciate men’s sacrifices and make them feel special at least on this very particular day – exactly what you expect on Women’s Day from them!