Sometimes we both are getting a vigorous feel that we are not fit for this society – a Stereotype Society ! (‘We’ or ‘we both’ here depicts the OPOV team.) Either they all are right and we are wrong – or the picture is completely opposite! Yes, might be you are also a slice of this world (that is full critics)! Or are you a poor victim?

The sole aim of these domineering bullies is to throttle the innocent souls. Why all this fuss? Because Appearance matters!!! Really?

Even artificial flowers look beautiful, but they can’t give the nature’s fragrance! So, it’s actually the inner capability that holds the real importance. Like they say – Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Our Point Of View on this topic might sound full of rage today! Why? Because we are sick of seeing more lives going into depression! The bitter comments from the hopeless mouths are digging more graves than can be imagined! Obsession with perfect looks is like walking under black clouds – no one is able to see the actual things under its influence!

With god’s grace, we are not a part of this criminal gang. Yeah! You read it right… all these are no less than the criminals who are thrashing a person’s life. So, do you know there is a dictionary of silly rules created by Stereotype Society ? Let’s have a look!

Stereotype Society don’t fit overweight folks in their flawless bottle!

// the words Physical fitness come together, 2 things hits to these bullies. For females, it’s “36-24-36”, and for males, “4 6 and 8 pack abs” or “no fat at all”. If you have so-called extra fat, not even a single day of yours will pass without a harsh comment! No one gives a damn if you are suffering from some weight-increasing disease or any other health problem. Body-shamming has become quite common these days. Even celebrities, who just gave birth to babies, are not spared from this devilish wind. The focus has been transferred from being healthy to being skinny! It’s a sick and idiot skin-obsessed world!

Yes, OPOV promote a good health, but these “size-zero” things never cross our minds when it comes to a healthy lifestyle! People usually start Googling like how to reduce belly fat”, “how to lose weight”, “Measures to reduce weight quickly”. And somehow, somewhere harmful things like injections, drugs and critical surgeries tempt these victims.

Motivate unhealthy people to get a healthy lifestyle, but don’t do it by ragging those cute chubby cheeks!

No respectful lights for the short-heights

short heightsHow to increase the height?”… Most of you might have searched or asked this question. Yes, having a good height is a sign of pleasing personality, but in which holy book it is mentioned that short people are less talented?? Napoleon Bonaparte, Pablo Picasso, Sachin Tendulkar – few names among some famous personalities having short height. But these people have already reached those heights which even today are not achievable by half of the world!

So, instead of mocking a person’s height, measure his talent and caliber first. After all, a work that a needle can do, can never be done by a tall-height sword!

Stereotype Society is not fair towards unfair skin-tone

unfair-skin-toneToday, fairness creams and other such skin-whitening products are ruling the cosmetic industry a lot. Reason is again the same! According to these tormentors, having fair complexion is the topmost definition of outer beauty. All crap! Okay, let’s just talk in their language! So, having milky white color, but no good face-features and rather rough skin – or having the Wheatish color but very sharp and angelic features – which one is more alluring?? The later one… right? Then why go with color!!! Women are even going with excessive measures by going under the knife to have a perfect nose – shape, fuller lips and white skin-tone!! Fellas – please love yourself the way you are and embrace the real you!

Handicapped hope from differently-able persons

handicapped hopeThey faces the most of the criticism in the form of mercy. God damn! They don’t need your mercy until and unless they are begging in front of you! So stop annoying them by giving such pity looks – which are pathetic in real! Stephen Hawking, Sudha Chandran, Nick Vujicic, Arunima Sinha … to name a few here! The triumph of these people’s determination and attainment is enough to give goose bumps to any normal being!


Similar is the case with people wearing specs, having less or no hair at all, patchy skin, etc. All such people are facing bitterness of this appearance-obsessed society. If a person’s body doesn’t meet the criteria that this Stereotype Society has set, then he/she is tagged as “uncool”. The possibility is there that these victims are having some health issue, personal problem or just genes concern – which is already bugging them a lot. It’s like pressing someone’s deep and painful wounds!


So our question is Why physical appearance is so important? Try to understand that appearances are often deceptive!

Bewitching curve on pink lips

but tears wheeling inside,

A glistening mask might have

bounteous dejection to hide!!


Stop promoting these temporary ways of looking perfect, and start loving yourself on a permanent basis. Also, stop worrying about log kya kahenge? (What will people say?). Look good, but for yourself. Live life, but for yourself – or max to max for those who matters to you and in return you also matter to them.

OPOV believes:

Humans are born to live. Showcasing is the work of mannequins!!! 😉